Here We Go! Or, in the words of Adm. Stockdale, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Hi, Everybody!

Holy crap, that sample introduction that WordPress gave us was a pretentious mess.  Luckily it’s gone including that picture of the sunset or whatever the hell that was.

I’m Joseph Kolacinski, a mathematics professor at Elmira College.  I’m interested in all sorts of nerdy things: mathematics, star trek, comic books, science fiction, vexillology, voting theory, politics, rock music.  Also cats.  I like cats.

IMG_3931What do you actually need to know about me?  Probably nothing.  Feel free to skip on to the posts that happen to interest you, whenever those start appearing.

I’m “Joseph” or “Dr. K.” as the students call me, to my face anyway.  If you call me “Joe” I’ll be immediately suspicious.  No one’s called me “Joe” since 1991, except for a few old friends who haven’t gotten the memo.

I own more comic books than any sane person should be allowed to have.  That’s what happens when part of your brain thinks that, if you possess objects labeled 1, 2, 3 and 5, you must, using any means necessary, seek out and possess the object labeled 4.  And that part of your brain can scream much louder than the rest of your brain.

I maintain, as I’ve stated in the past, that David Letterman is the greatest living American.  That whole thing with the affair was pretty disappointing though.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now.  The original concept was called “Blogging the Marvel Universe.”  I would start in November 1961 and trace out the history of the MU, reading, reviewing and analyzing the comics as they came out.  I realized that would quickly start to feel like homework and I’d get bored.  But in the meantime, I’ve been writing reviews and publishing them on Facebook and more recently I’ve been answering things on Quora.  I’d like a single place to archive the stuff that’s worth preserving, and here we are.  But don’t kid yourself.  Far more than just the stuff that’s worth preserving.  You have been warned.

UPDATE: Already a fail on the not-feeling-like-homework thing as the original version of this post disappeared with an accidental click.  That was possibly the greatest piece of prose ever written in the language of Shakespeare.  Now you have this.  Sorry.

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