Coming Attractions and “Old Guys Who Like Old Comics”

In the next few weeks, I’ll be finding some things I first posted in other places and adding them here.

One of the places I’ve been posting things is on the (closed) group Old Guys Who Like Old Comics on Facebook.

Nice people, nice group, well moderated.  It never descends into anarchy or trollery, even with 13,000 or so members.

“Old” is defined very broadly; it’s a state of mind.  Ditto with “guys,” everyone’s welcome. “Old Comics” on the other hand is closely monitored.  Nothing after 1986.  If you know comics, you know that’s a bright clear line.  Dark Knight, Watchmen… comics were never the same after 1986 for better AND for worse.

If you like comics and you’re on FB, it’s worth checking out.