Watching Loki S1E5: Journey into Mystery

Spoiler Alert!

Nice title. “Journey into Mystery” was Thor’s original comic; that’s especially nice with Richard E. Grant playing Classic Loki.

Ravonna is a skilled liar.

I love that the Alligator with the horns is also a Loki. I approve of making things just a little more surreal.

Also, I had been hoping that the guy with the hammer was a Thor but he’s a Loki too. I’m now convinced that Sylvie really is a Loki herself.

I guess that the Thanos Copter is the big Easter egg that everybody was excited about. Yawn. But we do get a glimpse of Mjolnir and Frog Thor. Better.

Sylvie’s self-pruning is a gutsy move; trusting Ravonna even in that was risky.

Classic Loki’s story involves being captured by the TVA and “pruned” after ending a self-imposed exile. God of Outcasts. But he inspires Main Loki to confront Alioth.

We get Sylvie in the void. And a better look at Alioth. I hope it’s Mobius in that car. And it is. Nice.

I’m pretty sure Alligator Loki is the best character. Classic Loki’s reflections are interesting. “We’re broken. Every version of us.”

Sylvie and Loki have some synergy themselves. They both independently decide to confront Alioth.

I had to look this up but the Eldridge is the ship from the Philadelphia Experiment. Real ship, probably fake experiment though.

Sylvie keeps getting better as a character.

Nice exchange between Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Mobius. “It’s never too late to change.” That’s a nice setup for the Loki and Sylvie conversation.

The battle with Alioth is a good action sequence and Classic Loki gets his moment in the sun turning the tide. Recreating Asgard is a big distraction and visually stunning. And the music, strongly evocative of Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkyries is a nice touch. “I think we’re stronger than we realize.”

Classic Loki brings himself full circle, ending another exile by sacrificing himself. A pivotal character.

Everything is tinged green befitting the Lokis’ victory over Alioth and we see the episode title wasn’t just a nice nostalgic reference. Loki and Sylvie get to travel beyond the void to confront whoever is behind the TVA. The Journey into Mystery continues.

We’re perfectly set up for the finale.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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6 thoughts on “Watching Loki S1E5: Journey into Mystery

  1. I think the best way to wrap this up would be to have a previously unknown variant of Loki being the one that is pulling the whole thing off. I would get David Tennant to play him but that is a long shot for sure. Anyway, the motive of this Loki is that somehow by manipulating or consuming the other variants he ensures his survival/supremacy. This Loki would be the most diabolical one yet and in my ending he would be triumphant and the show would kill off all the other variants. It would have gravitas especially if we were left wondering if the Tom Hiddleston version had reformed and found the ability to love by loving his female variant but failed to live long enough to prove it.The newly revealed TVA creating Loki could return to the MCU as an unrecognised and most formidable foe.Of course, all this goes against the grain of the show which is having our Loki on a personal growth kick after seeing where his “burdened by glorious purpose” gets him. But then again as stated earlier the 180 turn in the show could give it an emotional final ending.If this previously unknown variant could somehow absorb all the powers and abilities of all the other Loki’s he may feel he has finally found a way to beat Thor and the others who resist him. We could have a Loki that feels like much more of a threat than Tom.


    1. You’re 100% right about one thing: the Big Bad at the end of the Journey must be a Loki. That has to be the thing that this is building up to. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Now I can’t imagine anything else being the denouement.

      But I can’t see the point being to set up a new diabolical Loki as a major threat for the MCU in place of the Loki we’ve come to like. It would disappoint too much of the Fan Base and That would disappoint me as it would short-circuit the redemptive arc. I’m invested in the redemption arc at this point. In fact, we need redemption as a society; I don’t think this is the time for a personal-growth-is-futile narrative.

      But there may be a riff on that of some kind. Some variation that keeps open the possibility of future stories and future seasons could be good. Lokis vs. Lokis. Spy vs. Spy.

      I’d like them to go full “By His Bootstraps” on this thing. Maybe even with a twinge of “…All You Zombies” thrown into the mix. Who’s on the other side of the Void? Loki and Sylvie had a child. That child created the TVA and the Sacred Timeline in order to create the conditions that would bring this Loki and this Sylvie together to ensure their own birth. They could then evolve into a more benevolent guardian of time.

      Mobius’ name suggests that he might be that child. That would work for me and Loki and Sylvie could move forward with their own destiny.

      This is good. Let’s keep going.


  2. Yes, is Mobius the top or the bottom of the TVA? That is a good way to play with the name.As far as the redemptive storyline in both fiction and real life I champion the idea of consciousness evolving but to me that means humanity understanding the true nature of the struggle. As a god of mischief and chaos Loki is an archetype of internal forces and what appears to be external forces (nothing is external from the highest perspective) that we must face to evolve. Evolution will not come from these Universal energies playing nice but from marshalling the strength to transcend their grip. Having Loki become nice is as silly to me as having Galactus become nice. Now that is the perspective based on my philosophical interest. My gut reaction has always been wanting for Loki to turn things around and be a good son and brother but MCU did the smart thing, the realistic thing. They had Thor grow up and understand that “At the end of the day, I am me and you are you.”When I still root for Loki to change I feel that is the naive child in me. In a real life example we may think one day the corporations playing the part of Loki will change and do the right thing by humanity. We also, like naive children, elect politicians that we believe will fix the problem but they keep on playing still more Loki variants. Those calling for violence to solve the issue are just moving the pieces around on the same game board. I might be drifting beyond the scope of a reasonable reply as whole books have been written on the topic and summaries of their content are not germane to riffing on Loki. Wrapping things up, I do not want to see Loki become nice anymore that I want to see rock n roll become nice to the politically correct cancelers of culture. Loki should be chaotic like Under My Thumb should be outrageous. If they are not your cup of tea try another pot. Bruce Spring steen offers morality and ethics in rock. Gun and Roses just offers primal rock energy. Both are valid.


      1. Had to teach this evening. Been pondering it.

        Largely I agree with you in respect to real life. I prefer that my escapism be lighter. Also, ending with Loki being a dark malevolent force would upend the stories that they’ve told about him since Dark World. He’s pretty much an anti-hero by Infinity War.

        They had to shorthand and fast-forward some of that in the series since they were replacing the guy from IW. I’ll give more detail in the morning.


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