Watching Loki S1E4: The Nexus Event

A lot is going on in this episode and there are a lot of reveals that I’ll try to be somewhat vague about. Still… spoiler warning. Less speculation this time. Probably.

If that little girl is Silvie, that makes it all the more dubious that she’s a Loki. But she’s Asgardian so maybe…. I have to wonder how much variation from the “sacred timeline” is allowable or even possible. This seems inconsistent with previous episodes.

I don’t believe the thing about C-20. But I don’t think we’re supposed to.

The destruction of Lamentis, by the way, is spectacular.

Seeing Sif was a nice surprise. This might fast-forward some character development for Loki.

It is clear Ravonna is up to something and that something is up with B-15.

Again Wilson and Hiddleston are spectacular together. Good subtle performances.

Ravonna is still acting suspiciously. She seems to have a strong connection to Mobius. It makes me wonder, what if Mobius ends up being Kang? That’s not a casting choice I see them making, but it would be interesting.

It was pretty obvious what was up with B-15 but we get confirmation at Roxxcart. And Mobius ties all that together with the lie about C-20.

One of the Time Keepers has a Mark Gruenwald mustache. That’s a nice touch. Also, Time Keepers. Called it.

Wow. Did not see that coming! Watch the episode.

Big reveal after the credits. Maybe Sylvie’s a Loki after all. There’s a nice nod to Journey into Mystery that might tell us something about Richard E. Grant’s character and also perhaps something that will drive the white supremacists crazy.

I’m on the edge of my seat metaphorically.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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4 thoughts on “Watching Loki S1E4: The Nexus Event

  1. I am still enjoying the show but there is a feeling to me it is a bit out of control. I remember many people watching Lost and having the feeling the creators did not know where they wanted to take the show. I personally wondered if they were reading fan theories and changing the scripts.I no longer feel I am in the hands of master storytellers with a clear agenda about what they want to accomplish. With Falcon And the Winter Soldier there seemed to be absolute clarity about the trek and destination.Loki may turn around and the muddy waters may clear and present something wonderful and startling. I had this feeling with WandaVision at some point and they turned it around.However, I need more than terrific ideas and nifty characters thrown in a blender. The difference between a great album and good album with a couple of great singles feels like the hurdle they have to clear. Either way I am hooked until the end.


  2. I just read the “Home” section of your blog. DL as the greatest living American? I would say Carter, Dylan, Sanders, Ken Wilber and Stephen King lay greater claim.


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