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  • The Ally Flag

    7 June 2023 by

    Here’s just a quick post; it’s that time of year again when I announce that I’m done with the school year and can be a real-live-boy for a couple of months. Rejoice or beware as appropriate. We’re back to flying the Ally Flag in honor of Pride Month. Nothing particularly new about that, you can… Read more

  • Stars End S3E34

    20 May 2023 by

    “That Thou Art Mindful of the Podcast” Asimov’s story “…That Thou Art Mindful of Him” has an interesting pedigree. It was initially commissioned for an original collection entitled, ⁠Final Stage: The Ultimate Science Fiction Anthology⁠ edited by Edward L. Ferman and Barry N. Malzberg. The intent of the anthology is compelling. Here’s how the editors… Read more

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