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  • Watching Foundation: “Barbarians at the Gate”

    24 October 2021 by

    Watching Foundation – S1E04 Getting caught up on these, still: Spoiler Alert! You know what to do! That’s a crazy opening! C14 tries to commit suicide. I guess it didn’t take long for the mental health of the Cleon’s to become an issue. Maybe they should have let C11 live a bit longer and tried… Read more

  • Watching Foundation: “The Mathematician’s Ghost”

    7 October 2021 by

    Watching Foundation – S1E03 Spoiler Alert! There may be plot complications! You know how this works. Random thoughts about Episode 3, no post podcast revelations this time. Cleon 1 with Demerzel 400 years previous. He’s dying and wistful, annoyed that although they’ve started the clone dynasty his ego will not persist. Your continuity is assured… Read more

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