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  • Clarke or Asimov?

    2 January 2021 by

    It’s 2 January 2021, Isaac Asimov’s 101st birthday and in the U . S. today has become, unofficially at least, “National Science Fiction Day.” To mark the day, I present an answer I wrote for Quora in 2019. Enjoy! Who is the better writer, Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Asimov? Clarke and Asimov are two… Read more

  • Star Trek Apple Watch Faces

    31 December 2020 by

    As a fun project, over the last week or so, I created a couple of watch faces for my Apple watch. These make the watch look as if it runs on the “Library Computer Access/Retrieval System” (or LCARS) from the Star Trek shows set in the 24th century.

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