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  • Stars End S3E27

    21 January 2023 by

    “Everyone Believes in the Freedom of the Podcast – It Should Be Right There in the Constitution” It’s human nature, it seems, to celebrate round numbers, 40th birthdays, 20th wedding anniversaries, 10th high school reunions, and so forth.  New Year’s Day 2000 was a huge deal even though, as Arthur C. Clarke was quick to… Read more

  • Stars End S3E26

    14 January 2023 by

    “It is from this Point On, Earth Itself that is the True World of the Podcast.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it is said, “always get their man.”  I haven’t checked, but I’m confident that’s been updated.  “Always get their human” might not work perfectly in the context of Asimov’s Robot Novels, so let’s settle… Read more

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