My Voyager Rewatch: S4E22

My #StarTrekVoyager rewatch S4E22 “Unforgettable”

It’s a little funny when Tom ribs Harry about being uncomfortable about working with Seven but enough of that already. There has to be another dimension to Harry’s personality.

Directed by Andrew Robinson. That’s Cool!

We get right into the action in the teaser when a mystery woman on a cloaked ship knows Chakotay by name.

“Try to stabilize the hull” is a terrifying phrase.

They find and rescue the woman, Kellin. Chakotay doesn’t know her and her affect is peculiar. She keeps claiming that it’s complicated. But it’s more convoluted than complicated. Her people are the Silence from Doctor Who in slow motion. Other races forget them after a few hours so they’re secretive. She was on the ship for two weeks to capture another who wanted to leave their society. Now she wants to escape. I’m dubious.

We get lots of coquettish and suspicious behavior from Kellin and Neelix’s platitudes are annoyingly simplistic. Kellin has been claiming she and Chakotay had been in love. He’s been suspicious and then does a sharp 180-degree turn, asking her to stay on the ship. They had better explain this.

They don’t. When the heel turn doesn’t come we’re suddenly dealing with a better episode. When Kellin’s recent memories get erased she and Chakotay replay old interactions with the roles reversed. It’s nice and then bittersweet when she ultimately returns to her people.

Kudos for the nice premise for defying expectations. Sadly, emotional changes were abrupt, the “romance” never felt authentic, and the non-linear chunks were perfunctory. Ultimately I wish the execution were better. The highlight was Tuvok telling jokes worthy of Spock.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.


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